Create Email Forwarders

You can create email accounts in 1 Host Web using your client area or  hosting control panel (cPanel).

Client Area: 

1. After logging in to your Client Area. Select "Services".
2. Select the shared hosting plan for which you want the email accounts to be created.
3. Scroll down to the section "Quick Shortcuts".
4. Scroll down to the section "Forwarders".

Control Panel:

1. Login to cPanel account. (How to login to cpanel?)
2. Scroll down to the section "Email Management Tools".
3. Select Email Forwarders.
4. Add the email id which you want to forward.
5. Now add the email id for which you want to have all emails to be forwarded to your account.

If you still are not able to create email accounts, please submit a ticket and we will create the email accounts for you.
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