Review your Security settings

The Security Level you choose will determine which visitors will be presented with a Challenge Page. When a Challenge Page is presented, the visitor is prompted with a CAPTCHA. Once the visitor enters the correct CAPTCHA, they will resume to the appropriate page. By default, your security settings are set to Medium. To change your security settings, click the Firewall app in your Cloudflare Dashboard.

The table below describes each level.

Security Level



Available only with the Enterprise plan.

Essentially Off

Challenges only the most grievous offenders.


Challenges only the most threatening visitors.


Challenges both moderate threat visitors and the most threatening visitors.


Challenges all visitors that have exhibited threatening behavior within the last 14 days.

I’m Under Attack!

Should only be used if your website is under a DDoS attack. Visitors will receive an interstitial page while we analyze their traffic and behavior to make sure they are a legitimate human visitor trying to access your website.

Note: I'm Under Attack! may affect some actions on your domain. For example, it may block access to your API. You can set a custom security level for any part of your domain using Page Rules.

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