What is .jobs Domain Name TLD?


.jobs is a Sponsered Top Level Domain (sTLD). The main use for this tld is for companies and organizations to register their corporate names and use it for a website aimed at those seeking employment. 

 Want to Register .jobs Domain Name?

.JOBS domain names use the General Contact database in the system. .JOBS domain names use the following 4 Contacts itself:
>>Registrant Contact.
>>Administrative Contact.
>>Technical Contact.
>>Billing Contact.

While registering a .JOBS domain name, you need to provide the following additional details about the Contacts:
>>Title: Title of the Contact in the Company.
>>Website: Company Website.
>>Industry Type: Type / Classification of the industry in which the company conducts its business.
>> Is Admin Contact?: Whether the Contact is designated as Admin for the domain name.
>> Is a member of HR Association?: Whether the Contact is a member of the HR Association.

Registration request for a .JOBS domain name will be verified by the Registry, prior to domain name activation. The Registry has up to 90 days to render their decision to either approve the request or deny it. 

.Jobs Domain Name Pricing for 1 Year with 1 Host Web is  $151.79.
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