Installing WordPress using 1 Host Web Control Panel

With 1 Host Web Control Panel you can install a WordPress blog or website in a few seconds without downloading the WordPress application, creating databases and users for the database. Our control panel automatically installs the software in a few seconds. 

The following are the instructions to install WordPress to your hosting account: 

  1. Login to cPanel and scroll down to Applications and select WordPress Manager as shown below: 

WordPress Application

2. Select Create Site option to install the WordPress Application.

Wordpress Sites List

3. In this screen, will show the domain name where the WordPress application will be installed. If you have multiple domains you can choose the one where the WordPress application is required.

Wordpress install

4. The server installs the application automatically and creates an admin user name and password. Please save it for your reference, you will receive an email confirmation with the user name and admin link to login.

Wordpress installation

5. In the above-mentioned procedure the WordPress is installed in the root folder. In case you want to change the installation folder, admin user name, set your own password, and edit table prefix then you must select Show Advanced Configuration which will enable to make the changes before installing automatically.

Wordpress Advanced installation

If you need any assistance with WordPress installation please contact us.

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