The multilingual webmail suite- Ensignia has come up with a professional and user friendly webmail client with stunning features and real sleek designs. Ensignia is sure to add a spanking new and professional edge to your webmail experience. This dependable and versatile software is going to enhance your webmail experience enormously. Developed on the much trusted Squirrelmail platform, Ensignia offers loads of exciting features which we are going to discuss in details.


More than 50 languages- Want your webmail in languages other than English? Ensignia supports all the major languages where all the links and texts would alter with your selection.

Mobile compatibility: Ensignia Mail would finally give you the chance to access all your mails even when you are on the move. The mobile version of this software comes with all the cool features and designs. It is fully compatible with any smartphone or tablet. It is capable of detecting your browser automatically and it could match the themes and colors with that of your computer mail.

Total security and support- Ensignia mail would keep complete support and security by offering the following advantages. The support team and developers of Ensignia is going to give you full technical assistance at no extra cost. With more than a decade of Squirrelmail experience this software is guaranteed to run seamlessly all round the clock. The updates and security patches would ensure that this software runs smoothly at all times.

The add ons and plugins- These are what makes Ensignia one of the most favoured webmail suites of our times. This webmail package comes with some real helpful tools such as – complete integration with dropbox, message and spam filtering, reminders, calendars and job lists, bookmarks and notes, right click and drag drop options, importing things to other email account and much more.

Attractive skins- Finally you have a chance to personalise your webmail experience by selecting from a vast range of designs and colours. With so many styles and themes to choose from, you are sure to find one which best suits your need. Ensignia Mail would allow you to rebrand any given skin with the logo of your company in just a few seconds time. You can even choose from a variety of Bespoke designs. Just tell them about your specifications to get the most apt skin for your needs.

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