Technologies have changed our lifestyle and it made us more eager to stay connected with the world of information. And the fact is that internet made this world smaller for us, today we are able to get everything on our fingertips. Companies these days are investing more and more for streamlining the useful information for consumers so that they can stay connected. Such kind of service is offered by “CloudFlare”.

What is CloudFlare?
The CloudFlare service is also known as CDN, It is designed to copy cache of a particular page and then distribute it over various servers so that it can reach up to end users. When someone is using your server on the network then he/she will not be using the same host as that of you rather another one that is closer to you. It helps to reduce the load on page and make information easily accessible. With CloudFlare, information does not always rely on single source. Whenever one server goes down then system will immediately be switched to another source of information. The fact is that CloudFlare works same as that of Reverse Proxy and time to time changes in DNS are required to follow the right schedule. Whenever a page is accessed from CDN server then the input copies of MX and CNAME are automatically developed so that page can work at high speed.

Importance of CloudFlare:
There are so many things that CloudFlare can offer you:
  1. Top Speeds:
It will help your data to appear on requested computer within fraction of seconds. As CloudFlare saves your information on different geographical locations so site visitors can easily retrieve it whenever they need. It helps to keep site owners, site visitors as well as search engine wizards happy at the same time.
  1. Prime Performance:
With CloudFlare websites need not to make any compromise for speed, the quality is always maintained. The intelligent channels of CloudFlare ensure quick delivery of information with rich standards. It helps to manage advanced content like ads, widgets and databases etc without any trouble.
  1. Uptime Bonus:
As CloudFlare creates multiple copies of your information so users always stays connected to information via these replicas, even when server faces any downtime. It leads to higher satisfaction on both ends.
  1. Added Security:
There is no doubt to say that online security is must for acceptable performance of a website. CloudFlare promises a safe environment to all customers when data travels via its intelligent channels. 99% of spammers of hackers are automatically tossed out at this high end protected system.

Benefits of CloudFlare:
  • It offers rich performance to websites with its advanced servers that are located at different corners of world.
  • The online attacks are well avoided and data stays safe from scammers or hackers.
  • CloudFlare also work to reduce the unwanted spam comments on websites.
  • It provides enough security to your customers; time to time warnings are generated if there is any threat to computer from virus or malware.
  • It keeps websites always on the air and much easier to access.
  • Leads to much lower CPU utilization.
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